02 December 2013

Hey all! Anna here from Seoul, so happy to be a part of HS!  For my first post I'm gonna put out there this dude named Bara Blaque, born in the UK and raised in Nigeria.  Bara has a tinge of that A$AP Rocky grit but with a bit more finesse in his production and lyrically sanded edges to draw the listener into his sound.  His tracks are diverse yet could all be attributed to the same source, an individual abstraction that seems to work and not venture too far out as to limit his fan base.  If Shabazz Palaces and Isaiah Rashad had an audio baby, it would be something along the lines of Bara Blaque.

+ Soundcloud + Facebook + Twitter + Website STREAM Artist Name - Titlehttps://soundcloud.com/barablaque/on-a-spirtual-lean-bara-blaque