30 June 2013


Bondax giving it all

Bondax, comprised of George Townsend and Adam Kaye, are out with a killer new dance track Giving It All. Not leaving their well known downtempo style fully behind, they inject this track with a chilled out smoothness that could easily place it into dance floor or after party. It's poppy without being overbearing and tiptoes without fully committing to the genre. The restraint found between the bass and the vocals as the track progresses make it a shoe-in for the replay button.

Currently unreleased, we'll have to wait and see whose vocals are behind this great new track.

STREAM Bondax - Giving It All


cupcakes caesar salad and treasure fingered
Let's see what we can do with little-to-no info about this artist. 

Here we go with some Cupcakes! House disco awesomeness out of LA, we have been going nuts over  the tracks Caesar Salad and Treasure Fingered all day. While they're listed as house, I'd say this falls way more into the disco genre. It's super dance worthy and the sampling is excellent with an unrelenting tempo that doesn't get annoying (always a plus). There are only three tracks listed so far, but show them some love and check out their page (link below). If these tracks are any indication of what is to come, we'll be eagerly awaiting the next release!

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STREAM Cupcakes - Caesar Salad
STREAM Cupcakes - Treasure Fingered


Nico Pusch John Newman love me again

Nico Pusch, who we have featured on this site before, comes back at it with an unmastered Sunday bootleg of John Newman's Love Me Again.  Tagged as "CudderStyle" referring to his side project with Carlo Ruetz, Cudder & Mulder, this remix adds more focus on the sweet piano line and slows down the energy and tempo of the original. There are a slew of remixed on Newman's website, but I prefer the Pusch version. Happy Sunday!

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STREAM & DOWNLOAD John Newman - Love Me Again (Nico Pusch Bootleg Remix)
Check out the original track below!

29 June 2013


Lusine - Alpine gasoline

Producer Jeff McIlwain aka Lusine, part of the Ghostly International family rolls out a great remix with the release of Alpine's new album, A is for Alpine. Subtle ambient clicks and pops drive this beauty along with a heavy pulsing bass. You could get lost in this song. He takes the pop vibe out and focusing on the vocals, weaves all the parts into this beautiful ethereal gem. Perfect.

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STREAM Alpine - Gasoline (Lusine remix)

06 June 2013


Brought to you by the Future Classic family yet again, Permission To Love by Sydney based producer Brett Hayden kind of blew me away this morning. The backbeats remind me a lot of older slow Daft Punk. The track swoops around a bit with the base, but with a finesse that is becoming less and less common with new artists today. It's like a funky summer paradise that will swallow you whole. Just go with it!

I don't quite have the resources right now to do all the research on him, but if his soundcloud page is any indication he's pretty new with only 120 followers. Do yourself a favor and check this guy out! 

STREAM Hayden James - Permission To Love

05 June 2013


A favorite of mine since his remix of The Kooks Naive, French producer Jean Tonique hits it out of the park with his remix of Jabberwocky's Photomaton. Super mellow with his signature guitar licks guiding it, this track is the perfect mix of mellow yet commanding. There is a slightly addictive quality to his mixes, which is what I really like about his particular style. He keeps the integrity of the track, yet manages to transform it into something magical. Judge for yourself below.

STREAM Jabberwoky - Photomaton (Jean Tonique Remix)

Also be sure to check out his mix of The Kooks Naive! So good!! ( Free download too!)


Straight from the Thailand I bring you Sole Bikes latest fixtape artist, Touch Sensitive. Brought to you by the Future Classic family, this one is definitely worth a listen. Please excuse any broken links too - the iPad makes this a bit weird. DIG IN!

+ Sole Fixtape Vol. 13 FREE DOWNLOAD

STREAM Touch Sensitive - Pizza Guy

Hopefully this links to the awesome video!