30 June 2013


cupcakes caesar salad and treasure fingered
Let's see what we can do with little-to-no info about this artist. 

Here we go with some Cupcakes! House disco awesomeness out of LA, we have been going nuts over  the tracks Caesar Salad and Treasure Fingered all day. While they're listed as house, I'd say this falls way more into the disco genre. It's super dance worthy and the sampling is excellent with an unrelenting tempo that doesn't get annoying (always a plus). There are only three tracks listed so far, but show them some love and check out their page (link below). If these tracks are any indication of what is to come, we'll be eagerly awaiting the next release!

+ Soundcloud

STREAM Cupcakes - Caesar Salad
STREAM Cupcakes - Treasure Fingered

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