23 April 2013


Baio Sunburn modern session victim remix

Session Victim is brought to you by DJs Hauke Freer + Matthias Reiling out of Berlin. Their remix of Biao's Sunburn Modern is released from their third and most recent host/label, Grecco Roman.  This track has one of my favorite sounds ever in music: a bass that hums along almost as if a car with too- loud music were driving by. But it's subtle, and you barely hear it, and that is why it drives me crazy in such a good way. It's that wanting and these guys have perfected it to an intoxicating degree.

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STREAM Baio - Sunburn Modern (Session Victim Remix)

Way older track of their's but if this is the first you've heard of them, take a listen. Mellow and funky.

STREAM Session Victim - We Want To Thank All Our Friends (Wolf Music 06)

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