27 September 2013


After a month or so of taking some time to make my way to Amsterdam, I'm finally here anf ready to get back into things. Look for some big changes in the coming months to in regards to the site. We secured a domain name and are going to be making the move to WP, getting this blog up to where it needs to be. 

Feel free to comment on any features you'd like to see - a streaming player is high on the list! and we'll do what we can to incorporate it into the new site. Also if you are interested in contributing on a semi to regular basis we are looking for writers who are into indie-pop, older, more obscure techno tracks, or any other genre you have a firm grasp on. Email us at hardlystable AT gmail DOT com with writing samples and a list of the top five tracks you are listening to right now, as well as how often you could commit to posting. 

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