02 August 2013


Bishop Nehru

I think 2013 is the year of young rappers that are: 1. Cooler than me and my whole life and 2. Are in their teens making me question any so called accomplishments I've had with my life. This shit is like watching the olympics.

And with that we bring you our new favorite New Yorker, 16 year old Bishop Nehru. His sound harkens back to the early 90s era rap scene, and one that NY is beginning to lead in terms of a comeback. His flow is as laid back as his beats and it takes almost nothing to slip into one of his tracks. His new mixtape is called Strictly Flowz and his UK tour with The Wu Tang Clan begins this summer.

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STREAM Bishop Nehru - Mob Dizzle

STREAM Bishop Nehru - Flow 1

STREAM Bishop Nehru - Angel

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