02 August 2013


L'Equipe du Son - The Wolfman Moustache Machine Remix

Let's just start with an excerpt of the Facebook Bio:
"So he starts programming but when his computer reaches capacity, he decides to hack into a government mainframe for more processing power and data storage capacity. But, unknowingly he has actually hacked into a secret government program and at the exact moment he hits "enter" to execute his program, a lightning bolt strikes his house leading to a series of supernatural occurrences and a violent explosion!
After the smoke clears nothing seems different at first but when L’Equipe du Son starts making music again he discovers he has superhuman abilities and can digitize himself into the mainframes of his synthesizers and computer to really make the most awesome music the world had ever heard."
Wolfman epitomizes what I love about the throwback 80s electronic genre. Super treble synth melodies, a bass line that sounds like a crime fighting movie montage accompaniment, and some nice added touches, like the Teen Wolf excerpt. Such a badass track.

Also included is Beauty Is the Light. I kind of fell down the rabbit hole with this label and artist and couldn't stop. Beauty is a heavy banging house track that could quite possibly knock down walls. I really can't say enough good things about L'Equipe du Son or his Dutch label Silhouette Records. Check them out!

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STREAM L'Equipe du Son - The Wolfman Moustache Machine Remix 

STREAM L'Equipe du Son - Beauty Is The Light

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