05 July 2013


Lindstrøm - Vos-sako-rv (Fred Falke Remix)

French house producer and DJ Fred Falke takes a nice turn on Lindstrøm's track Vos-sako-rv and it is an utter delight. A big fan of both producers, there is something to be said when a remix is done not just for the sake of it, and to really create something unique. Arguably more toned down than his normal pop selections, this is a nice palate cleanser coming from Falke. Lindstrøm's original features some heavy base and a lot of synth beats reminicent of a tripped out ride into space. Falke maintains the overall feel while delivering something entirely new out of the main part of the track. The synth melody is there, but he strips the original bass and adds some strings and a house bass and middle line that makes this track explode. Side by side below for your comaprison. Enjoy!

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STREAM Lindstrøm - Vos-sako-rv (Fred Falke Remix)

STREAM Lindstrøm - Vos-sako-rv

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