21 July 2013


Cosmo Sheldrake - Rich Feat. Anna Roo

Slowly ease yourself in to Monday with Cosmo Sheldrake's Rich featuring Anna Roo on vocals. The 23 year old British producer/musician creates a nice little world with this track. Roo's vocals are quite and cute and the minimalist sound goes well with the accompanying percussion and harp. The acordian also lends itself to an Amelie-like cuteness that is hard to resist. His sound is definitely against the grain and I struggle to classify it as one genre or another - which makes it stand out so much more.

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STREAM Cosmo Sheldrake - Rich Feat. Anna Roo

Why you're at it check out Fly. I realize that this won't be everyone's bag, but there is no doubt that there is some serious talent here. Branch out!

STREAM Cosmo Sheldrake - Fly

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