23 July 2013


STRFKR - While I'm Alive (Lenny Kaiser Remix)

Meet San Francisco producer and DJ Lenny Kiser. His latest track is a remix of STRFKR's While I'm Alive and it's seriously rad. I'm particularly fond of the song selection since the original is so bare [read: boring] and it's nice to see a DJ really be able to show off their sound within a remix.

The drum machine/synth bass combo give the track some body and paired with the tropical kettle drum-esque melody, it really finds a groove. Props to the timing on the whole track as well, while the vocals on the original are fairly monotonous, Kiser brings them in and out at seemingly all the right moments. You know you've won when your mix sounds like it should have been the original, and this track is no exception.

Events are listed on his Facebook page and he also teaches Ableton classes in SF so check out his site below!

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STREAM + FREE DOWNLOAD STRFKR - While I'm Alive (Lenny Kiser Remix)

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