07 March 2013


Chillout, Mr Fiji Wiji, Cynical ft Coma
Seventeen year old Shawn Toodle aka. Mr Fijiwiji (that name - shakes fist) brings us this chilled out track off the Monstercat label. 

This is one of those tracks that I like, but I kind of want to hate it. It sticks around in my head, but I'm a little confused by it too. Don't get weirded out the first time you hear it either, she's singing not yodeling - but now every time I listen to it I only imagine yodeling. That's right, I'll take you down with me before you've even heard it. Your welcome.

I think it's more that it's a contextual song - this won't be good to listen to all the time, but definitely hits a spot if you're in the mood. 

STREAM Mr FijiWiji - "Cynical (feat.CoMa)"

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