26 March 2013


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Snyapson remixes

Hello Synapson! This track is a slight departure from what I usually post. Paris duo Snyapson have a nack for taking obscure world music tracks and whipping them up into amazing deep house/chill lounge versions of their original selves. I love the mix of chillout beats set to some well done loops of the origianl track by Victor Démé, but the second track, the Bonga remix steals the show. Snag these while you can and seriously check out their SoundCloud page.

+ SoundCloud
STREAM/ DOWNLOAD Victor Démé - Djon Maya (Synapson Edit) 

Dudes, this one is going to chill you the eff out.

STREAM/ DOWNLOAD Bonga - Mona ki ngi xica (Synapson Remix)

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