21 March 2013


Coleco Electro fun dance party

These tracks sound a bit like Cyril Hahn just with more disco dance inducing beats and some seriously sweaty base lines. There is def a little Le Youth thrown int there too. Both of these tracks will be gracing my summer tunes for sure. They're like the 90's met disco and had a tropical makeout sesh. Give "Things Ain't The Same" a minute to warm up and you won't be disappointed. "You're So Fine" is their more recent release and it's just absolutely bangin'. Love LOVE.

I highly recommend binging out on their SoundCloud page ("Push It" is pretty awesome). It's hot shit.

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+ Download their EP from their website

STREAM ColeCo - "Things Ain't The Same"

BONUS STREAM ColeCo - "You're So Fine (Preview)"

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