04 March 2013


Ghost Loft, Seconds, Song, Stream

I guess I'm a little late to this one, but here it is regardless. He (I'm guessing) has a super relaxed almost lazy approach to how he structures this track and it makes for a nice combination of wanting more and being completely content. Just listen to it. 

Check out the L.A. based Ghost Loft website here.

STREAM Ghost Loft - "Seconds"

And I thought the original was good - check out the Twice As Nice Remix below. Super lazy rhythmic build and it's gooooood.

STREAM Ghost Loft - "Seconds (Twice As Nice Remix)"

Also because apparantly I'm obsessed let's throw in the video below! Why not? The video was put together by Ends (Daniel Iglesias Jr & Zack Sekuler). 

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